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Tom Miller Memorial Scholarship

Tom Miller’s dedication to the pork industry in Arizona and on the national level was beyond words. For Arizona, Miller was the quintessential spokesperson for quality pork and production in our state. To honor Tom Miller for his years of service and accomplishments in the pork industry, the Arizona Pork Council (APC) is offering up to $5,000 in Scholarships through the Tom Miller Memorial Scholarship Program. Students who intend to pursue a career in the Pork Industry or a related field should apply!

Tom Miller
4 Tom Miller December 2018.jpg


  • Must be an Arizona Resident.

  • Must be a Senior at an Arizona high school OR currently attending a college, university, or trade program.

  • Must have a 2.5 or higher GPA.

  • Must have participated in the pork industry (Swine Project in 4H/FFA).


  • Cover Letter including name, phone number, email address,mailing address, and school or college attending.

  • Professional Resume.

  • Letter of Reference.

  • Most recent school transcript.

  • Brief letter/essay indicating:

    • What impact their participation in a Swine Project during high school had on their growth and development.

    • What role the applicant sees themselves playing in the pork industry after graduation.

Payment of $1,000 Scholarships will be made directly to the College, University, or Trade School in the recipient’s name.

Applications will be accepted after January 1, 2024. Questions and complete applications should be emailed to the Arizona Pork Council at

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